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Book Reviews
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In the zone
by Lincoln Pierce

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It is very funny and it cracks me up!

Too Many Carrots
by Katy Hudson

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Adorable book about kindness and sharing.

Good Dog
by Dan Gemeinhart

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very sweet and sad

The Crooked Staircase Dean Koontz
by Dean Koontz

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Love it! This whole Jane Hawk series is excellent. Each book has great characters and great sub-stories as part of the larger story (kind of like an Ethan Hunt series). It's so creative and keeps me on the edge of my seat.

Lone Survivor
by Marcus Luttrell

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Interesting insight into the Navy SEAL world. However, as prior military, I seem to notice that only SEALs write books about their missions. So much for top secret. Hard to tell if this was truly written to remember his comrades or for compensation. His website seems to be the latter.

Hit List By Stuart Woods
by Stuart woods Newest Book

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Love his books

A Girl On Schindler's List
by James M Green

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read with my son very powerful

Judy Moody And The Bucket List
by Megan Mcdonald

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it is a great book

Blackbeard's Ghost
by Bill Walsh

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It was very funny. The main character Steve participated in an auction and won an old fashioned bed warmer but he broke it and found a book of spells inside. He read one of the spells and Blackbeards ghost latched onto Steve until they could find a spark of human goodness. The rest you have to read for yourself because it is so funny and I don't want to spoil it for you.

Barbie Mariposa
by Tabitha st. Germain

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Good sorry but weird names

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